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Chong Meng Cong, Male, Single.
Nine-teen, 19,
10 August 1990, Leo.
TAR College, Main Campus at Kuala Lumpur.
Diploma in Mass Communication,
(Advertising Year 2).
My passion, Singing & photography.
Mathematics and Designing.

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Families, relatives, cousins, friends, her,
to be safe and healthy everydays and forever,
lives in perpetual happiness.
Improved all my Skills to be more better.
Accountant, Artist, Designer or Photographer.
Got desirable results for all my exam.
New Clothes, Shirts, Trousers, shorts, Shoes.
My wishlists all became true.
World Peace.


ADIDAS Designed White with Black Sport Shoes.
Gym and Get Fits.
IPOD or MPX or Play Station X.
Krazee Duck T-Shirt-iGYA, Project Elementz.
Learned briefly for Music Instrument.
Learned details for Music Instrument.
Meet Favorite Singer, Angela Zhang.
Meet Favorite Singer, Fish Leong.
Meet Favorite Singer, Wilber Pan.
New Side-Bag (Stussy SS'09).
New Technical Skills.
New Hairstyle, maybe DYED? (light-brown)
NIKE Designed Grey with Blue Sport Shoes.
NIKE Designed White with Black Sport Shoes.
NIKE Dunk SB Low.
NIKON D60 Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera.
Own Acer, Aspire Laptop.
RAM upgraded to 2GB for my ACER Laptop.
RECOIL Polos (Line).
Second Semester got higher CGPS.
SONY Digital Camera.
Sony Ericsson G900i Handphone.
Taller more 10cm.
Third Semester got desirable CGPS.


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  • Friday, July 16, 2010 @ 10:00 AM

    Happy Birthday to my cousin aka. sister, Say Li !!!

    I just received a good news about her from my aunt right today.
    Her application for study at Matrix had been approved by the sch authorities!
    the only issue presently is just that the distance problem,
    which situated at Perlis where actually is quite far from the place Johor!

    But's still considerable, as this kind of good opportunity only available for few,
    so cousin you must think twice properly don't simply waste it!

    Photo from

    Alright I don't know what's the feeling now, I now at KL again! HAHA.
    stay at my relative's house located at Bandar Sunway bla?
    I not sure, but this time around come over here for my actual graduation.
    never imagined tomorrow's my convo, nervous? excite? no idea.

    I just hope everything will be fine.
    The weather this few days weren't okay, take care.

    Sunday, July 11, 2010 @ 2:49 AM

    11/12 July 2010 later. A date everyone are waiting for.

    What's going on? It's right I'm so enjoying and exciting in the early morning,
    for the Uruguay v Germany match fight for third-place.
    you alrdy know right the result of 2-3, as what Paul predicted of GER's victory.
    so far he has a perfect prediction record but not sure yet for the final.

    Alright topic back from the WC, Im gonna having a visit to KL on tml,
    as well too I'm exciting over the trip on KUALA LUMPUR.
    yup already bought a ticket the arrival time should be in the afternoon st,
    of course I was hoping for arrive in time so to catch up my friends!

    Uruguay v Germany in the Third-Place Match. Photo source from

    Yah, can't wait to see friends all at "school"! HAHAHA.
    Anyway will be a quite busy night as there's a list of stuffs to be done later.

    doing a MP3 playlist for my journey to K.L which on tml.
    packing stuffs for the said 2 days trip.
    filling up the collection of convo attire form (I admit that I do it last minute).
    workout at home.
    practicing Hangeul for another new part.
    watching FIFA World Cup Final!

    Have you seen the World Cup final match Netherlands v Spain version in Google?

    Specials of 11/12 July 2010, will be an awesome day for everyone!
    seriously the two teams of NED and ESP have never won the World Cup before,
    and who will be the new name on the gold metal for the WC?
    A day before the final is just that a few hours left, what's your feelings now?

    Friday, July 9, 2010 @ 12:50 AM

    Undergoing the
    Undergoing the

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    Hope to see and read your advices soon. You can simply drop your any shorten comments thru’ C-BOX the chat box at left-hand side bar. If you do not wish to publish your name and any messages, you can do messaging via the e-mail address; Thank you so much by your responses and being as my blog readers for a whole long time! I’m so appreciate of it.

    Further, if you are still not a blogger, then what are you waiting for? You can be also a blogger and earn some money from that. E.g.: Simply click on the listed website, Sign-up and Log-in now: if you as a user or if you holding a yahoo account, or both. Or any other free blog publishing tools such as,, etc.

    Thursday, July 8, 2010 @ 9:03 AM


    Alright I'm gonna talk about soccer the World Cup today! Woottt~!
    as you all already know, the talking-point of FIFA World Cup is all around the world!
    and I know now to talk 'bout this topic is just too late baby!
    even thought I feel so, OMG, they now already proceeded to the final game!

    Before the WC Soccer South Africa 2010, I was just like feelings of,
    what makes people so excited on those 22 players chasing ball over the field?
    anyway come back that thought was just totally wrong! haha.
    Well you know that I'm just new acceded to the fans of soccer right now haha!

    Thru FIFA I get to know an awesome psychic sotong which is quite interesting,
    Paul the octupus - He is a great predictor genius ever what I know,
    everytime he will picks the mussels from the box with a country flag on each,
    which have accurately predicted on 6 matches of Germany games!

    Picture 1: Paul the Octupus predicting by picking the jar with a country flag.
    (the round he predicted Spain beats Germany)

    At the same time he is also the ones' dreams destroyer of Germany's fans,
    people point out that his predictive powers are not perfect,
    Germany's fan is gonna to turn him up as a grill sotong or Sushi or whatever now!
    the sales of octopus was also raised up since yesterday according to nsp!

    Picture 2: You can see it anywhere people discussing how to better cook octopus.
    (the one's destroy of German dreams, so is this his consequence?)

    Are you now ready for the Final game of Netherlands (Holland) vs Spain?
    and you bet who to be the winner of WC South Africa 2010?

    Tuesday, July 6, 2010 @ 6:06 AM

    Another kind of surprise I get from Yonghong cousin by a sudden visit today!
    I was like omg who is this coming? Because he brings along friends,

    Yup they are came from Masai where a place located at somewhere in Johor,
    they're all free today so to having a trip on coming Pontian! haha.

    Actually a small town here is just have nothing famous places to show'em,
    just bring them to shopping mall and headed over for a bayview,
    so then they were like enjoying their time on photo shooting session over there,
    of course, I also take out my secondary item, camera and go around!

    Fishing, actually here is an awesome leisure activity that we can "play"!

    Bayview in Pontian, was piles of boulders piling up between seaside and land.

    Ah-Chuan, Yong-Zhen, and Yong-Hong. I hope I did not spell them wrongly.

    this is what you have been seen before, Parks in Perdagagang Pontian looks.

    there's another new part been extended over the bay, absolutely new!

    whom is that person so... not civism by littering up the place with this
    "it's finger lickin good"? Just feels hungry.

    Alright, here is exactly them who I hangging out with on today. LOL.

    Just from a conversation knew that one of them, ah-chuan,
    he's a restaurant chef who worked at a well-known seafoodhouse, cool right?
    That's all what happened today and what I doing,
    more one day has just gone, time is really passing unexpectedly quick!

    Monday, July 5, 2010 @ 2:36 AM

    There's very first time I leave from my hometown and went to another place,
    for further education, doubtless to met a little culture shock from that,
    since I from a small town headed over to a big city where a place I unfamiliar with,
    but it all seemed to be fine when I met a bunch of new friends over there,

    there have been quite a long time after, we all became a geng of very nice friends,
    we shared alot, hang out everyday, to school, went out for fun.

    the way we act, chat, whatever we'd done was seem to have our own image,
    and as well to make it from an unfamiliar place to my second home.

    I'm so appreciate all what I get from anyone of you and anything you giving me,
    I miss the time we play joke with each other and we do anything.

    Sometime I really hope everything can like remain the same, just like before. :S

    Sunday, July 4, 2010 @ 10:40 AM

    Been going to downtown today as I did mentioned at few posts back,
    because I wanted to shop, the outfits for my convo! haha,
    drive through a small town Gelang Patah to Bukit Indah really confused me. lol.
    just like what I did before, photos will be uploaded A.S.A.P, :D

    Today, feeling good hangging out with my mum and my cousins and sister,
    went for some outlet shops and tries on some stuffs which I like,
    what a disappointment has made I can't manage to get find my size! ):
    seriously now I started liking the formal apparel from sub! haha.

    there's another shirt from a brand called what EXP%$#^%$.

    tried some and fitting room shot of myself for awhile, haha!


    Saturday, July 3, 2010 @ 12:45 AM

    Receive a message from an unexpected person, that's so surprising me haha.
    Alright after completed my diploma at KL,
    life seriously getting more and more empty and meaningless!
    lesser stress is nice yet seemed all of a sudden lost,

    I'm not so clear since when I started abandoning all my plans.
    it's time to pick up a job instead of to be a very extravagant man at home now! haha
    Everybody straight to their goals while I pausing at own for no reason.
    At this moment now I only know what's that woodpeckers all doing.

    In conclusion, people's minds always seem to be in such a contradiction way,
    indeed, there's without an absolute conclusion, at all time.

    yep, I like the moment when having webcam with any of my friends and cousins!
    so after my graduation, I will start looking for a job. :)


    Friday, July 2, 2010 @ 1:34 AM


    내가 잘 잘 잘못했어 니 말이 달 달 달콤해서,
    맨날 말 말 말로만 날 날 날로 날 갖고 노는 걸 몰랐어.

    그만두고 싶은데, 잘못 된 걸 아는데
    다시 니 곁에 돌아가.
    싸구려 유행가 속으론 우는데 억지로 웃는 광대, 싸구려 유행가 속으론 우는데.

    난 아직 이렇게도이 노래처럼 잘못했어!

    Thursday, July 1, 2010 @ 1:05 AM

    Graduation really to coming,

    Ohyeah, even I haven't get ready and for any preparation to this event!
    can't imagine time's just come so fast, haha.
    I planned to go downtown by this week, because I wanna shop,
    so maybe get for my graduation outfits weekend,

    I sick for a week already, but now I have better so don't worry,
    still has a little bit chesty cough, will be fine.

    Realise I gonna damn miss all of my geng of K.L. friends right now!
    when back in Kuala Lumpur later,
    the first thing is must have a dating with you guys! :)
    over for a drinks, and enjoys the photos I just have done upload.