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Chong Meng Cong, Male, Single.
Nine-teen, 19,
10 August 1990, Leo.
TAR College, Main Campus at Kuala Lumpur.
Diploma in Mass Communication,
(Advertising Year 2).
My passion, Singing & photography.
Mathematics and Designing.

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Families, relatives, cousins, friends, her,
to be safe and healthy everydays and forever,
lives in perpetual happiness.
Improved all my Skills to be more better.
Accountant, Artist, Designer or Photographer.
Got desirable results for all my exam.
New Clothes, Shirts, Trousers, shorts, Shoes.
My wishlists all became true.
World Peace.


ADIDAS Designed White with Black Sport Shoes.
Gym and Get Fits.
IPOD or MPX or Play Station X.
Krazee Duck T-Shirt-iGYA, Project Elementz.
Learned briefly for Music Instrument.
Learned details for Music Instrument.
Meet Favorite Singer, Angela Zhang.
Meet Favorite Singer, Fish Leong.
Meet Favorite Singer, Wilber Pan.
New Side-Bag (Stussy SS'09).
New Technical Skills.
New Hairstyle, maybe DYED? (light-brown)
NIKE Designed Grey with Blue Sport Shoes.
NIKE Designed White with Black Sport Shoes.
NIKE Dunk SB Low.
NIKON D60 Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera.
Own Acer, Aspire Laptop.
RAM upgraded to 2GB for my ACER Laptop.
RECOIL Polos (Line).
Second Semester got higher CGPS.
SONY Digital Camera.
Sony Ericsson G900i Handphone.
Taller more 10cm.
Third Semester got desirable CGPS.


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  • Sunday, June 29, 2008 @ 2:45 AM


    Here! Maybe now you realised that im so long time didn't have to new updates already.
    yahh. im sorry it's because of no internet line. i think sure is Cut-ed!
    and some Event & happened on this two week & would be upload soon if online.
    Sorry for can't uploading on today. because the time not enough to have bloging. =X
    wait for the new updates please. & Thanks. xD

    Friday, June 27, 2008 @ 10:15 PM

    Start to my first week for Co-curricular programme on today.
    finally i choose the category of SPORT; Badminton.
    and actually i haven't to print out the offered letter yet. paiseh.
    & friend forgot to bring the offered letter also.
    so we decide to went CITC together to print out the letter.
    ohhhmyyy. the Printing ERROR happened!! & can't to printing anything!
    haiz. boobian & headed to sport complex after that. =X

    but actually i have ask the Student Affairs Department before.
    and the people say that is nevermind but still remember to print it out ASAP.
    ask me bring the ID card to replace the offered letter for temporarily.
    Headed to Sport Complex & surprised when met hometown friend and have the same prom.
    and actually i've a long time no to play badminton already. HAHA. not bad rite? lols.
    ok, I miss-ed a chance to learning something new. =X
    & it's too wasting because we have paid RM140 for the Co-curricular progamme.
    and its have included into first semester fees already.
    so it's so wasting to pay the fees to learn something that we knew. =X

    But something call contemporary dance are SHOCKED also.
    that CONTEMPORARY means...
    you can imagine that what kind of the dance learn in the comtemporary dance prom. =X
    but ONE THING IS, i don't have raquect here.
    No raquect also going to join badminton? Don't laugh! HAHA.
    you have to ask me where the raquect come from during the co-cu prom?
    yahh. THANKS TO SHUWEN! (:
    because came from ShuWen, thanks for borrow me the raquect in the time anyway.
    alot of memories came out when i have start to play the badminton..
    that about 'N' year ago i playing badminton with cousin! xD

    Friend Karchun have Stomach-ache. When after his swimming programs.
    we all have accompany to go FAU & Clinic in the afternoon.
    and go to join the EXTRA CLASS for the information technology.
    headed to Jusco Wangsa Maju with Karchun after that for bought the formal shirts & etc.
    & plan to buy the Design Magazine. RM40+ at the MPH.
    It's expensive because are imported & bonus one cd for install into computer.
    and got alot of Lecture & toturial note in the books! are very nice can.

    Yahh. Have join the Mass Communication Society Gathering after that.
    Ice Breaking & playing some games again. & met Mr. Oliver in the gathering. lols.
    & the gathering events until 8pm! & first time have to night-view to the college. xD
    going back & watching home movie with housemates & doing assigments.
    by the ways, the Final Destination so horror can!
    too long i bloging on today. okies, good niite. (:

    Tuesday, June 24, 2008 @ 9:06 PM

    What the... the Economy Rice as NO Economy any MORE?!
    went to have dinner at SOMEWHERE and the economy rice COST RM6!!
    HOW to imagine the price from different place RM3.80 to this RM6 with the same dish?
    & the somewhere not the high class one actually.
    Nvm, next time i would consider first when have economy rice at this place.
    unless i have very HUNGRY & miss the Economic Rice very much at somewhere.

    Got 3 Event on this week! lols.
    Event1: 27 Jun 2008, Friday. 6-8pm. Mass Comm Society Gathering Days.
    Event2: 28 Jun 2008, Saturday. 9am-4pm. Career Guidance Society Gathering Days.
    Event3: 28 Jun 2008, Saturday. 7-9pm. HuaYoungMF. (Not Sure to Have Attend.)

    -3 July Updated-

    Saturday, June 21, 2008 @ 8:01 PM

    Practical class again &...
    the assignment deadline are chaneged from next week to next next week. xD
    Headed to Jusco Wangsa Maju for make the research with friends after that.
    and then buy something for assignments use.
    have lunch at McD & discussing to assignments again.
    ohhhpps. from 11am to 4pm!! so tired can. =X

    & one HAPPENED is SHOCKED ALOT siia.
    our accomodation internet line services is STOPED?! omg. so shocked can.
    the housemates said, actually the line is under the house onwer's name one.
    and he register 2 internet lines. one is for himself and one is now we are using now.
    and then the onwer don't have using the internet line already,
    means he don't have pay the monthly fees since 'N' month ago & -RM1000 now!!
    so the housemates say maybe the people cut the internet line already.
    & now can't online. If want to register, maybe must waiting the service at least a half-year!
    so long can lorhh. how to imagine a half year can't online at my accomodation?
    - doing assignments viia online & make research & discussing with friends,
    - bloging & msn & etc. ohhhhmyyyy. ):
    and at the timemeans, only can online at college. haiz.

    pls: the new update from 20 Jun to ... all bloging at library actually.
    & new update at 26 Jun.
    and have to upload some pics all the month in Jun.
    CHECk IT OUT. thanks. xD

    New Updates.


    Chozes Creative Arts Showcase 2008

    Friday, June 20, 2008 @ 7:08 PM

    Have went to college but actually no class today.
    because have to attend the Chozes Creative Arts Showcase 2008. xD
    alot of creative arts from senior you can found at this showcase!
    & this Showcase have included
    Advertising Design, Graphic Design & Fashion Design. HAHA.xD
    and thanks to my friends for accompany me to go the showcase anyway;
    because them actually have go to the showcase already in the morning.
    by the ways, went to college late cause totally miss the fashion show. haiz. HAHA.
    but my friends got to record it into video.
    so maybe i can viewing it from the video. but no live feeling. lols.

    have discussing to assignments with friends today.
    & realised something about the ttnite 08.
    that's about 'you can show your ID card to claim the tickets!' eeeeeeeeeE,
    where can like that?? and why i claim the tickets using my chopps?! lolss.
    have feeling about wasting to my chopps lrhhs. =X hahas.
    because that's a trop.s that to have memories what activities i have join mahh.
    & feeling damn sad when the chopps gone lrhs. HAHAs.
    going back after that & doing assignments that cause %$%^$#$.
    & my roommates going back to hometown in the afternoon today.

    The Chozes Creative Arts Showcase 2008. xD

    Thursday, June 19, 2008 @ 1:40 AM

    whooww. start Exam next week to 1022 Bahasa Malaysia liao. =X
    1022 Bahasa Malaysia, Penilaian Karangan Berpandu at 26/06/2008 (minggu5).
    so worry & worry can. ohhmmmyg. must study hard anyways.
    & headed to college hall to asking something about ptptn with friends.
    with shuwen, cheelek & karwee that all the advertising students here.
    i ask to the people, i try manytimes for it but still can't to sumit bcos of the webproblem.
    the people ask me try again. =X okkiesss. i would try again later.
    & the deadline for apply ptptn is next month. xD.

    paisehh & going to claim ttnite08's ticket after that. HAHA.
    but my chopps that following me a long time were gone on today. ):
    heard from alot friends said the tickets were finished already.
    cheahh & the senior ask me to tell whom of them about 'NO YET'. lols.
    here's to tell you about it because i forgot who of THEM already. HAHA.
    and so whom of you if got any chopps and haven't to claim the ticket,
    then headed to ttnite08's booth at the canteen 2 to claim the tickets ASAP. haha (:

    by the ways, have got the Career Guidance Socitey ticket also on today.
    because im one of the member in Career Guidance Socitey.
    but if whom of u if not the member also can attending this Gathering Day.
    become the member to Career Guidance Socitey ASAP larhhs. hahas.
    ohhmyy.. this were reminded me of what i had miss for the Events;
    that prepared by Mass Communication Society before. haizzz. ):



    Wednesday, June 18, 2008 @ 9:20 AM

    A non-stop classes today agains.
    the IT class got a few students niia. =X
    has been very tired can after i came back.
    & omg!! i forgot to print out the Co-Curricular Programme Offered letter!!!
    and realised for that at about 11.40pm in the late night!!
    when i going to check but still can't to make anymore viewing already!!
    wwhhhaattttt ttthhhhee...!!!! very worry cannn!! & SCARED. ):
    how can i do for now?? Omg. Can't to imagine it anyways.
    i have to send email to have ask Student Affairs Department already.
    but still don't know what things have to reply me.

    by the wayys,
    at the timemeans, i had been so very afraid can and worry a lot for that,
    & someones have to singing & singing around 1 hours and more beside of me!
    altot i think he were don't know what happened im facing now. ):
    but u can imagine, seem like don't know what i feeling. ): so sad larhh!


    Introduction to Foods;

    the dinner of Fried Rice with Fruits Juice in the Malay Shops.
    Place; Jalan Genting Kelang/Genting Kelang Road.
    Especial; the Durian's Juice that had SHOCK-ED cause.
    Look; ★★★☆☆ Taste; ★★★★☆ Price; ★★★☆☆ Shocked; ★★★★☆
    Just a personal opinion & have introduction to you.

    The dish we have Order for 4 sets on today,

    Me: Seafoods Fried Rice + with Nangka Juice.
    ChunKai: Tomyam Fried Rice + with Papaya Juice.
    ShuPing: Kampong Fried Rice + with Starfruits Juice.
    HuiLing: Sardine Fried Rice + with Manggo Juice.

    The Spicy Ban Mee at the Prima Setapak,
    Place; Jalan Genting Kelang/Genting Kelang Road. Bobo Restaurants.

    The Mee Goreng at the Carrefour Setapak,
    Place; Carrefour Setapak, the address not sure. Hahas.

    Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @ 9:48 AM

    ohhhhhmmmyy, today classes start at 11am.
    but, because of my handphone alarms got some problem.
    so it have to turn off automaticly and no alarms cause.
    and i feel it's very strange that why the alarms has been no sound so long.
    & Wake up fastly and realised that were 10.20am already!! lols.
    heng because no miss the class on today anyway. & thanks to.. (:

    Headed to TBR to have our lunch with cousefriends after finished lecture on today.
    chatting & discussing something about the assigments that with not my group. lols!
    have chatting until 4 pm ++ then preparing to going back after that.
    erhm. have you heard something call Durians Juice before? LOLs!
    have drink the Durians Juice that INTRO by my friends on today. HaHA
    the taste is nice leiis. & have alot of the other special juice appear on this Shop siia. xD
    would be IntRo to you yahh. going to try it ASAP. LOLS.


    have headache alot again in the night larhhh. ): siend.
    don't know have to choosing Badminton or Contemporary Dance to my co-cu.
    advice from my cousin is not bad anyways.

    mengcong ; says:
    heyys cousin, Badminton or Contemporary Dance which one nice?
    ? Huayching; ? Emo; Splendid ? says:
    i think contemporary dance more better & badminton is just a sport game.
    ? Huayching; ? Emo; Splendid ? says:
    unless you wan become international player.
    ? Huayching; ? Emo; Splendid ? says:
    thn dance mayb in the future , you can use it.
    ? Huayching; ? Emo; Splendid ? says:
    and badminton you aso know how to play liao.
    mengcong ; says:
    yahhh. lols. hahas.
    ? Huayching; ? Emo; Splendid ? says:
    but dance good leh. you can sing well, must aso dance well.
    ? Huayching; ? Emo; Splendid ? says:
    you know how to dance? & you know how to play badminton?
    ? Huayching; ? Emo; Splendid ? says:
    which one dont know thn join tht one
    ? Huayching; ? Emo; Splendid ? says:
    cus you can learn soemthing new.
    mengcong ; says:
    yalor.. thanks alot for your advice leiis. HAHA. & maybe i would chose dance.
    But only scare about for nid to have remember the step. lols. xD

    99.9% orginal.
    the MSN chatting has been editing & cuting something. xD
    & pictures upload soon. (:

    2 Cases & Events Miss-ed & Miss-ed to Meet Stars.
    The First Case, Artist 伍家辉 came to college.
    for the show time at talentime night booth on today and miss-ed.
    that is the video recorded & took by my friends, Chunkai. thanks yahh. Lols.
    video display; 伍家辉, 虽然我愿意.
    & this song is the Ending Theme song to Singapore's drama.
    aiyahh. %$#$% for miss the show anyways lorhh. hahas.
    Link 1: Playing viia the blogspot (press the play button).
    Link 2: Playing viia your privated own computer programs. (Real, WMP & etc.)
    Using Link 1 are more real & clearly.
    and horizontal one would be upload soon xD.

    Case 2, Artist FeiLunHai came to KL. Miss-ed.
    at the 'N' Last Saturday ago, date; 31 May 2008.
    FeiLunhai came KL. & this some pictures took by my roommate, Chunkai again.
    He got went to the Events & that day actually i at hometown. HAHA.

    Sunday, June 15, 2008 @ 8:57 AM

    have spend not so much on today. (:
    because lunch & dinner have settle and cooking by my friends. xD
    first, i want to thanks to my friends shuping & xiaoqing.
    &.. u 2 are so PROs can. HAHAs.
    for my lunch, Italy Mee; cooking by shuping.
    headed to chialis house after our lunch.

    for my dinner, Home Dish.; cooking by xiaoqing.
    3 dish + 1 soup for our dinner. xD
    & the chicken soup included medicinal materials one i likes very much! xD
    ohhhhmmyyyy.. so miss home can when eat the dinner! lols.
    btws, thank alot to my friends arhh. (:

    the shueyyy time coming after that.
    my roommates washing clothes and using washing machine.
    and then, he forgot to move the pipe which water out one to toilet.
    so, the pipe still at the drawing room & water out.
    annnnd, our accomodation flood cause. Flood 20mm level. =X
    & when i going out, then slip happened!! ):
    i slipped on the 'flood floor' and fell. so shhuueeyy can! ):
    and left hand be injured cause. ):

    about my school things.
    start have opening to tarcian(student) to register the Co-curricular units.
    & i don't know which one i want to choosing actually.
    some of my friends choosing: badminton, basketball, football,
    gym workout, swimming, contemporary dance and etc.

    i interest to badminton, contemporary dance , swiming and gym.
    btw, gym can help who crookback people to turn back become straight.
    but i think would be become very tired after gym lorhhh.
    so i think i should be choose badminton or contemporary dance barz.
    can you somebody give a advice to me? HAHA. because i no idea.

    KL's first 'Home Dish' Cooked by friends, XiaoQing. xD

    Saturday, June 14, 2008 @ 8:58 AM

    Have first week school day on saturday part of practical on today.
    the class start 8am to 11am included two units title,
    blur about don't know where the block LABA1 & A2. lols.
    find using map also can't found where the place & knew it from my friends. HAHA.

    and the LAB not bad actually, got a lot of new destop on the LAB since this year.
    heard from lecturer said, last year LAB still using the Windows 95. lols.
    now we all are so lucky about using Windows Xp start on this year in the LAB.
    okkiess, about the Design, lecturer ask us get a logo from a companies actually,
    & make the editing for the Logo to have a new fresh look. & omg.
    we all tot about the assignments are create a NEW OWN LOGO for OWN COMPANY!
    so we all diio mistake & diio, nothing to say. Just follow it. xD. nevermind. (:

    lecturer ask us to typing a aticle to computers & saved it.
    and finished our practical classes on this week. (:
    the DEADLINEs for assignments of DESIGN I at the next next week. omg.
    & today i realised people have dating izzit? just kidding. lorhs. xD

    Practical Class. xD

    Senior Graduate's Day.

    Friday, June 13, 2008 @ 9:15 AM

    A NICE DAY on today. xD
    that's the first time going to have outdoor events with coursemates friends;
    some of us gathered in college and then take the bus together after that.
    headed to Lawyat & Singing Karaoke at the RED-BOX. xD
    15 person RM150 included drinks & the time is start from 2pm to 6pm.
    okiesss, i have actually a long time no singing karaoke already. =X
    recall back on today, starting have listen some of nice Cantonese Song & Western Song.
    and then start to have singing Chinese song after that. xD
    some of my friends is likes Jay Zhou very much lorhs. hahas.
    and have list a lot of Jay's song into the singing playlist. lols.
    & the loot of Mic is Happened!! & Funny! & Hahas! Lols.

    And have start celebrate to our coursemate friend birthday after that.
    Here's Happy Birthday to You, Ah June! xD
    start have to took pictures after that. & i think we have took a lot of pics! HAHA.
    & all still thinking about how to gathering all the pics together. & which ways more easily.
    advice from friends is Upload to friendster. lols.

    Continue to singing karaoke & playing after that.
    by the ways, we all are very high can lorhs. hahas.
    we have a game to choosing the LUCKY CARD after that.
    who diios the jOKER and then nid have to face to the Cakes. HAHAs.
    our Printing Manager KarChun diio the LUCKY CARD. lols.
    the 6pm reached & have preparing to Finish of our Events on today.
    but the playlist still haven't closed and 'continuously' play the song that we list.
    then we 'continuously' to singing and still duno some of friends want going back liao.
    btwyyys, them don't have ask to going back & we still duno.
    Sorry if any late cause. and Going back when them ask about to going back.

    And headed to Carrefour Setapak with friends in the night.
    take TAXIs. have friends has very funny alot in the TAXis lorhhs.
    scared for the RED-LIGHT & the TRAFFIC JAM. HAHA.
    & my friends bought a lot ya.. lols. PRO know to cooking. Chiiozs.
    by the wayys, today im so tired can. LOLs.
    & tmr SATURDAY got class in the morning at 8am.
    the pictures would be upload soon. and nites.


    Pictures Uploaded. (:
    Thanks Alot to ShuWen to have took the pics! xD

    The Time to Took Pictures. xD


    The Time to Singing Karaoke. xD


    The Time to Celebrate June's Birthday. xD