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Chong Meng Cong, Male, Single.
Nine-teen, 19,
10 August 1990, Leo.
TAR College, Main Campus at Kuala Lumpur.
Diploma in Mass Communication,
(Advertising Year 2).
My passion, Singing & photography.
Mathematics and Designing.

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Families, relatives, cousins, friends, her,
to be safe and healthy everydays and forever,
lives in perpetual happiness.
Improved all my Skills to be more better.
Accountant, Artist, Designer or Photographer.
Got desirable results for all my exam.
New Clothes, Shirts, Trousers, shorts, Shoes.
My wishlists all became true.
World Peace.


ADIDAS Designed White with Black Sport Shoes.
Gym and Get Fits.
IPOD or MPX or Play Station X.
Krazee Duck T-Shirt-iGYA, Project Elementz.
Learned briefly for Music Instrument.
Learned details for Music Instrument.
Meet Favorite Singer, Angela Zhang.
Meet Favorite Singer, Fish Leong.
Meet Favorite Singer, Wilber Pan.
New Side-Bag (Stussy SS'09).
New Technical Skills.
New Hairstyle, maybe DYED? (light-brown)
NIKE Designed Grey with Blue Sport Shoes.
NIKE Designed White with Black Sport Shoes.
NIKE Dunk SB Low.
NIKON D60 Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera.
Own Acer, Aspire Laptop.
RAM upgraded to 2GB for my ACER Laptop.
RECOIL Polos (Line).
Second Semester got higher CGPS.
SONY Digital Camera.
Sony Ericsson G900i Handphone.
Taller more 10cm.
Third Semester got desirable CGPS.


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  • Sunday, June 27, 2010 @ 11:11 PM

    Happy Birthday

    Tuesday, June 22, 2010 @ 4:31 AM

    Happy Birthday to Huayching Cousin, 22 June!

    Alright today was the actual day of Huayching cousin birthday.
    here to wish you a happy birthday again and again,
    wishing you very enjoy larh i knew you got a handmade cheese cake from your bf!
    stay cool okay cousin, and good luck for you in your poly life!

    Here were some of the pictures I'd done and uploaded.

    Monday, June 21, 2010 @ 10:53 AM

    Hi see you again my friends, today was just a short post I did,

    Alright, I'm very pleased to back to the day with my BS man!
    What a great fun we had! with my bro oh yeahs,
    it's only quite recently I'd been joined a clan just for CW, doesn't cousin too?
    then we might to have a chance to meet over the field!

    Seriously I have been kinda shocked about yours position cousin,
    how vigorous when I guess it never but you did! :D
    Awesome I hope that you're not a waller to target hahas! Just a joke!
    Well, it's the time I gonna have a rest then BS again, Ciaos.

    Tuesday, June 15, 2010 @ 10:50 AM

    Cousin Huayching's Advanced Birthday Celebration
    @ City Square Mall, and Danga Bay, Johor Bahru.

    Today I headed over City Square Mall with my cousins 'em for a gathering,
    plus a covert action of planning huayching birthday celebration do it in advance,
    seriously Huaysze you're an awesome planner for this kind of event ever!
    how well on managing a top secret and definitely was successful hidden, haha!

    There was an only once bad of your procrastination made, even not so late hahas!
    managed to caught you up when I almost finishing walked over the mall,
    even Yusan them went more serious haha, nevermind actually nothing's affected.
    Anyway really fun to hang out with you all cousins man, long time no see sial!

    First was like told, "OMG! Chong Meng Cong, getting fat and muscular man! haha"
    HC was so kind so many nicest compliments came out from her mouth today,
    (not like last time she would only like to saying on my bad thing, hahahaha..)
    You're the best'est' one of the day! of course well in the reason of your birthday! (:

    Yusan and Yonghong very nice as well too, first time driving downtown for us.
    Hailing involved this time and she's grown, huiling was like act missing.
    and I ate alot, seriously, don't get shock by my this action nowadays hahahahaaas.
    as fulfilled HC your favorite one and so LIKE your cheese cake today man!

    After the Neway session went to Danga Bay, Hurrey! Even we don't know direction,
    Huaysze at here is your weakness man, lead me way to the wrong direction lol.
    luckily from my "cleverness" and "luckiness" helped us alot to reach our destination,
    OMG, feel paiseh that today I was over syok sendiri, just take it ordinary. haha.

    After arrived Dangar Bay, honestly to tell that we're so frenzied over take picture!
    Jump-jump was like non-stopping like that, until all camera no battery. lol
    and the sunset was awesome even thought we can't watch the on-going whole part,
    Last, Huaysze was successfully avoided her weakness on telling her direction!

    Basically I'm not going to blog until so detail on everything we had done by today,
    here is some of the thing I would like to highlight and share with you,
    (HS,HC, sure there is a big big disappointment on never follow me back to Pontian!
    was too long enough for you guys to read, so I should stop here, goodnight all.