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Chong Meng Cong, Male, Single.
Nine-teen, 19,
10 August 1990, Leo.
TAR College, Main Campus at Kuala Lumpur.
Diploma in Mass Communication,
(Advertising Year 2).
My passion, Singing & photography.
Mathematics and Designing.

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Families, relatives, cousins, friends, her,
to be safe and healthy everydays and forever,
lives in perpetual happiness.
Improved all my Skills to be more better.
Accountant, Artist, Designer or Photographer.
Got desirable results for all my exam.
New Clothes, Shirts, Trousers, shorts, Shoes.
My wishlists all became true.
World Peace.


ADIDAS Designed White with Black Sport Shoes.
Gym and Get Fits.
IPOD or MPX or Play Station X.
Krazee Duck T-Shirt-iGYA, Project Elementz.
Learned briefly for Music Instrument.
Learned details for Music Instrument.
Meet Favorite Singer, Angela Zhang.
Meet Favorite Singer, Fish Leong.
Meet Favorite Singer, Wilber Pan.
New Side-Bag (Stussy SS'09).
New Technical Skills.
New Hairstyle, maybe DYED? (light-brown)
NIKE Designed Grey with Blue Sport Shoes.
NIKE Designed White with Black Sport Shoes.
NIKE Dunk SB Low.
NIKON D60 Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera.
Own Acer, Aspire Laptop.
RAM upgraded to 2GB for my ACER Laptop.
RECOIL Polos (Line).
Second Semester got higher CGPS.
SONY Digital Camera.
Sony Ericsson G900i Handphone.
Taller more 10cm.
Third Semester got desirable CGPS.


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  • No If But Hope Better.

    Tuesday, March 31, 2009 @ 10:23 PM


    Get to know my Music Midterm scores rights today,
    How was a disappointment?

    31 over 40 marks
    Had only 2 hours to study for this exam as I've slept 2 hours by continuously 5 days!
    Lack of sleep while alot of stuffs to do with. ):
    Unhappy for not the score sucks nevertheless if enough time to study then it will be more better.
    that's why won't that satisfied me, I should blame myself!

    I'm fine now.
    I know, the result quite ok already. (:

    Whenever I've to serious and values with this subject,
    as this is my favorite subject.


    No If, But Hope be more better,
    Anything should be serious before I disappointed.

    A Week Post.

    Monday, March 30, 2009 @ 9:10 AM

    I've alot to blog, supposed to update today,
    but, was tired right now.

    Yeea.. A week post;

    30 March 2009, Monday.

    As I mention on last time I had a Midterm-test today,
    How sad I felt to cover such a many topic for the test about for only 2 hours! ):
    Haiz, by the ways I housemate said already lucky never missed.
    Yahhhh, maybe. I just realised I had about 7 marks the question was mistook! Wttt!

    "Especially the Falahh! Waliao, in result of 3 marks lost! ):
    6 marks for audio and 1 mark for composer."

    After the midterm, going to celebrate for Kimjong & Yiphon Birthdays! :D
    we headed to lawyat and singing karaoke at Red-box.
    It was really so long time ago since I went to Red-box already, yaahh. HAHA.
    By the way, this's the first time with John there, our course rep! (:

    The room was considered very small against with about 12 more persons there!
    should be give a more larger room for us but as all already FULLED.
    After the k-time, I can't imagine what a game they playing,
    they trying to mixed the drink from different flavor to became one! omg!

    Had a series photo for Donuts! (:

    Bibi and Kimz joined us. :D

    The Drinks. (:

    The K-Session. :D

    Behind the scene. (:

    Cute CheeLek Posing. :D

    SheauPey, Desmond & Birthday's Boy, KimJong. (:

    Photo-Session. :D

    Eat-Session. (:

    The Mixed-Drinks. :D

    You guys should be know what the happening next! (:

    The Photo-Session again! :D

    More Coming Soon.

    After that, I going to meet up with C1 them at Green-box (the second round)!
    I replace the Zack one as this time for free. Lols!
    Went I entered the room, omg again, this time is contrastly as the room was very large!
    8 persons there with the largest of room, they are extremely high at all!

    Went to dinner at Madam Wong aftermath of my 1 hour there (they for 3 hours).
    we chitchatting there while the dinner, so funny! HAHA.

    29 March 2009, Sunday.
    A little bit long, hope you reading this post in patience. (:

    QingMing Festival Day 2; As I've mention that my cousin came in the night, and slept so late,
    But I'm the second first person who woke up in the early morning!
    What larh my cousin slept early than me but woke up later than me, especially HS!
    this year we went late compared with last year, maybe cause of HS, no larh.. HAHA!

    and then, I open and plays the music with louder as a morning clock alarm! Lols!
    all of relatives woke up then, preparing and heading to pray.
    this year is different! as I driving! Fetch my uncles and aunts, yoyos!
    and every year was like the same, praying with the hot weather, letting of the firecrackers.

    How unfortunately I didn't take any photo on today,
    should be take a least one, but no. ):

    Eating ice cream, thanks for aunt treat us the ice cream! :D
    By the ways, I like the feelings when many all of my relatives gathering together,
    chitchatting together, eating together, so funs, I prefer big-families most!
    Maybe I like noisy? Haha. I like New Year and QingMing most as all relatives' gathered, yea!

    But, this year I've returned to KL early as I've a mid-term test on tomorrow!
    as HC said, everytime I send off them but this year was different as they send off me first.
    I dislikes the replace for monday! Especially not enough time to study!
    who made it became like this, you should know, somehow had made a mess to others. Bobian!

    "As 2 theories as "Do unto Others", People should know it,
    & Don't do thing benefits oneself but harm others."

    Knew from my cousin, qizhen and qiaoyan got to go my house in the evening!
    Wow~! my cousins can plays with them! :D
    they were kept finding me when they came my house! Ohmyg, I made them a disappointment.
    when they can't found me, my cousin still play a prank to them, so bad can!

    By the way, I feels sad that only had 2 hours to study for midterm test for tmr!
    maybe caused of I lack of sleep by continuously 5 days!
    with these 5 days I only slept 2 hours only while had alot of stuffs to do,
    caused a sleepy day and slept early and woke up late! 2 hours to prepare for exam! ):

    I know can't done well for this test,

    28 March 2009, Saturday.

    QingMing Festival Day 1, I was woke up around 6am in the early morning,
    Have to pray my grand-grandfather and grand-grandmother.
    We preparing to go and with divided into 2 cars heading for this festival in the morning.
    not that many people saw there if compare to last year.

    Maybe today's Saturday, many of them intended to pray on Sunday as weekend.
    Yahh, Me and my family supposed too at Sunday to pray my grandfather and grandmother.
    furthermore, my cousins will be come my house today at the night.
    Ok back to today, the second round to pray my granduncle, I very miss him.

    "It was really approved, accepted when my turn to 'BuaaPueey',
    I believe anything's real."

    The festival this year compare to last year is quite diferrent!
    Every year my granduncle sure have to go and pray during QingMing Festival.
    But... , I really can't stop thinking of all this, this feeling came again,
    feels so sad. Ok, I'm fine now, I'll always remembered him, who always take care for me.

    Besides, I'll also memorize who always care to me for now.
    I always hope all of my families members to be safe, healthy and lives perpetual happiness everydays.

    Afternoon, I fetching my 4th aunt (mother-side) and cousin to pray aunt's husband, my uncle.
    this is the second year i fetching them, I still remember last year we met a heavy raining on the way.
    and at that time I haven't start my college life, the time was passed by so quickly!
    After praying, we heading to cousin's house at Pekan Nanas to take a look and have a check.

    "Anyway, all of us were very shocked when look for it!
    How came the main door was OPENED?!"

    Especially my aunt, she talks with my mother and suddenly shocked to saw the opened of door,
    Somemore my aunt though that's not her house! Ohhmyyg!
    It's sure got people inside there, can't to imagine.
    And then after a conversation with neighbour, just got to know what happened.

    Next, my cousins was came my house in the night, :D
    we chatting while playing blackshot,
    and slept at 4am (YAH! 4AM AGAIN!), early than last year, we slept 5am. Lols!
    woke up 2 hours later as to prepare to go pray.

    It was a lack of sleep again (x5)!

    27 March 2009, Friday.

    Actually yesterday night got such a many staff to do!
    tills I was annoyed with these staff.
    I've to done the many pages of passages modification, packing staff, washing clothes, etc.
    when it's during 1am late night, that's why I slept 4.00am sharp.

    But haven't done the modification yet although so late,
    somehow I felt like the 'human lagging'.
    just like the computer sometime also got the tasks not respondings.
    Yah, something like that, I paused to have a snack, a supper.

    to continuous all the tasks, what I intends to do.
    Actually I supposed to blogg something displeased from me.
    But I try to forget it, somemore forgot now.
    Morning later I slept 2 hours, went to school for class, and then done the assignment.

    I back hometown today, tmr & sunday supposed to pray for QingMing Festival.
    arrived Puduraya, ask for tickets, at the earliest was 9.30pm!
    Ohhmyy! So late can! I waiting for there early 7pm, if got empty seat can back early then.
    8.00pm, I ask the staff, he said full. At the end he gives 2 malay girls to first!

    By the ways the 2 malay just reached there at the last minute.
    You know what happened. I really feels...
    Bobbiaan! Waiting again, this time better, I seat 8.30pm bus, although late also.
    I arrived my hometown at 3pm plus, supper with family.

    And then, bath and preparing to sleep,
    today, I sleep 4am again! I've Lack of sleep again (x4)!
    2 hours later have to wake up to pray.

    26 March 2009, Thursday.

    Returned to acc in the morning,
    as HL said (Not HL milk), others went school while we back school! HAHA.
    the first time back around 8am, so different of feels.
    when the daybreak came, I already feel awake and not that exhausted.

    But feel really sleepy when take the bus and met traffic jams!
    I took a nap on the bus around a half of hour.
    Cheekit called in and asked me to went school aftermath of my some a hour rest.
    Actually we had met some problem before the works to pass up. Ish!

    And then, continue to our Music Practices,
    Everytimes, all my friends were so serious when doing the practices!
    Here to upload some photos that I took last week,
    see how them looks like a professional composers? HAHA.

    Letnan brother! Always like a brother and take care for us. :D
    Especially with KP now! HAHS!

    Sheline, always said "No", "zzz", "...", or "-.-"! all of her signs! Lols!
    Ehh! Now became Mozart, Tiger & Lizard!

    KokPing, also known as "L" as his some particular gestures! Lols!

    CheeKit, one of my good partner for group assignment!
    hard work. (:

    Churk, sometimes called him "CHURKI", "CHURKU" tills I blur.
    Heys! Sleeping thr? No, too enjoy on music! :D

    Doing the modification for MMS assignment tills 4.ooa.m.!
    Lacks of sleep (x3).

    25 March 2009, Wednesday.

    Okays, we start our test at about 12.45pm today.
    we must had to ask why the mid-tern test question was like unfairly for us?
    I means for DAV1, yups!
    Our questions was dissimilar by different of course study, It's ok.

    But, my friend told me, other has such easier question compared with our paper,
    Eeeeeee. Why can it like that? We can't claim for anything.
    not mention that our paper is quite hard larh. At least we know to do. However, is really unfair.

    Right? Another friends told me, you should know their relation-ship. Lols!

    Ok larh . The test was over, just let it passed by smoothly.
    We waiting for our scores,
    with hopes of great news awaits for us. (:

    After the test, me with groupmates straight away for doing assignment,
    Before we lunch, we went 'climbing' the bukit tarc!
    Haha! That's suggest by cheekit! Lols.
    Ehhh, actually the path at the crossing from the tarc's parking lots to the hostel,
    yeaa, we always was curious about where it going to with along to the path through,

    Okays, let's us to revealed the secret by today! Lols!

    The sign, there's where we have intended to go climbing!
    Suggest by Cheekit!

    Here had so many the mosquito around us!
    They kept running.
    Yookkun and Sheline was so badly bitten by the mosquitoes!

    We walked along the path and it was so long than what we expected!
    Ok, take a photo here! HAHA. :D

    Finally, the path was end and some like arrived the 'maintain peak'! :D
    we finally know what there is,
    Ehh, something like a big water trough there!

    "Damn bored right? Lols!"

    After we formating the Music assignment it looks almost done. (:
    and then the next, we went to McD to do MMS assignment at night and tills the next morning!
    Starts with eating and chatting and time passed so quickly, then rushing for assignment,
    my part actually almost done, so lends my com to friend to finish first as she got exam on fri!

    Same as last time as Doing Photography Final-Assignment with groupmates,
    tills daybreak yet still haven't finish

    Actually this table is the nearest from toilet most!
    somehow can smelled the... =.=

    Yups! I learn how to play the cube tonight! Hahas! :D
    How many steps to play.

    We stay at the McD a whole night same as last semester.
    Lacks of sleep (x2).

    24 March 2009, Tuesday.

    We have MMS Mid-tern Test on tomorrow,
    Wish us Lucks!
    I going study for MMS (Mass Media & Society) tills 3am late night.
    and woke up at 3 hours later,

    Lacks of sleep (x1).

    Updates soon. :D


    Sunday, March 22, 2009 @ 6:27 AM

    What the photos about I've to upload by today?
    Focusing the Metal objects? no.
    Foods, drinks? no.
    or maybe Landscapes? no.

    Portraiture? yeaa, that's myself. Lols!
    It's have been almost 2 months already, since I took photos myself. :D

    WAHAHAA. okks,
    These's the 6 photos I done editing on yesterday. (:

    Photo 1.

    Photo 2.

    Photo 3.

    Photo 4.

    Photo 5.

    Photo 6.

    See you, :D
    Work hard, for whom handing assignments now.
    like me, right now.
    missed the pulau ketam trip!
    feels dissatisfy? ):


    Assignment again.

    Thursday, March 19, 2009 @ 9:08 AM

    today, had a group discussion again.
    in the morning 9.30a.m..

    I went to college, first comer. I never late man, friends! But my friends late, HAHA.
    ehh, I went to CITC start opening the browser.
    when I click, Click and suddenly blackout in the sharp! Wthh!
    No electric, can't do anything for assignment. Lols!

    I went back to canteen 2, started my tutorial question.
    and then cheekit and ahmiao came,
    we discussing together and then went to the college library aftermath.
    you know, the library how horrible! HAHA.

    the dark-side of the library.
    when blackout, you know it.
    how many examples from moviemakers by using this situation to be their idea for gh&st story.
    anyway, we have to start our tasks here. Let's going. Not a gh&st story.


    And then the electric came, after the modifications,
    Assignment's Draft was done. :D
    YEAH, Finally. And then past up and checking by Ms Ang.
    after the modificate of format. Almost done.

    Waitings to be gathered full parts.
    HARD WORKING, All my group mambers,
    thanks for the operation. :D
    Next will be the Mass Media and Society assignment.

    At night I suddenly heard my cousin said,
    Watching Miss No Good! Wahaha, finally! Lols. She kept asked me for how the end,
    wilber together with rainie? How can I tell you? haha!
    She getting her result on tomorrow! Good lucks for you! (:

    Can't realised it,
    Somehow was really lost, I was complicated!


    Wednesday, March 18, 2009 @ 10:26 AM

    Yesterday was slept so late as you know,
    supposed to be done.
    tills right now, yeah so cool!



    Secret Recipes, a cake of different the flavor!
    So cool!
    the marble cheese is nice. (:

    Happy Birthday to Esther again! HAHA. :D
    photo with ms lim. (:

    Left-sides' Blue and Right-sides' Green. Lols!
    the class shown. (:

    Maybe I don't know enough about it to realize,
    only to hold it.
    TRUST ME. (:

    An Undesirement.

    Tuesday, March 17, 2009 @ 4:09 AM

    Actually have to meet up with groupmates to discuss for our assignment,
    But how come the group assignment discussion became a tutorial question group discussion! What?!
    Lastly, the time was past that quickly, you know it. What we intended to do was done nothing,
    Ok nevermind, tomorrow to pass up all the works what we had done by this a few days. (:

    And then, we logout from the discussion room to turn the library audio room for the next.
    watching such a nice videos, about the recorded from past few year performances.
    this is for whom never came to the MPO's performance on yesterday, they supposed to report for this.
    and how the violinist was awesome from played the string instrument by different terms of draw!

    Had a lecture class aftermath of our time for lunch in canteen 2 with friends,
    It was a matter made me very heated during the class! Argh!!
    Aspecially from someone's by such the unacceptable reason! Wth! Nobody intend for listen to another.
    What a undesirement for the result! I have no desire to discuss this uc-ing matter now!

    Ok. Supposed to be cool down. That's all for today. Anyway thank you for the listening (reading).
    I'm exhausted now. Need to take some time for rest and fulfills the tasks for today later.

    Thanks guys!
    I know why the straight assigned.

    MPO's Concert (Post)

    Sunday, March 15, 2009 @ 8:25 AM

    Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra;
    awesome! (:

    by Richard Kaufman Conductor and Whitney Claire Kaufman Vocals.

    15th of March, went to KLCC and enjoys with this performance.

    The concert was really enjoyable, desirable, excitable, how awesome can!
    It's really COOL man! YEAH! :D
    First of all, meet up with friends and headed to the foodcourt to have our lunch before entered the hall.
    we settle down at such a comfortable seats, were not enough air-con there.

    Lt, kaiwen and myself ordered the chicken chop from the Western Foodtrend.
    Spent RM15+ for my particular sets.

    BBQ Chicken Chop from Western Foodtrend.
    RM 10.90

    Added with the coke and garlic bread.
    RM 3.60

    the coffee's with 2 packages of sugar and cream. :D

    Me, Lt, Kokping and Cheekit. (:

    Kaiwen, Ahmiao, Siewmei and yoyo. (:

    Wahaha. (:

    After that, we headed to the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas, Level 2.
    We entered to the hall & waiting for the performance starts while looking for the beautiful of DFP!
    The lightings is quite nice, the hall was really awesome as exactly what we're expected!
    orchestra starts, I'm enjoying the string, woodwind plays & Brass, percussion are particular cool.

    This is the lighting from the lobby of Dewan Lilharmonik Petronas. (:
    the photo taken when day.

    This is the lighting from the lobby of Dewan Lilharmonik Petronas. (:
    the photo taken when night, is quite different.

    This photo took from the Level 2 before we entered the hall. (:
    Outside from Dewan Lilharmonik Petronas.

    We're seats by the different row and uncontinuously seat no.
    Where my friend.

    This photo took when before the performance starts. (:
    Amazing of lighting!

    This photo took when we waiting at the lobby from level 1. (:
    tutor came after that.

    We weren’t allowed to take pictures during the performance,
    How unfortunately (for all of us)!
    But you know how I like for photography, I cant control from capturing! Took one before the starts?
    Maybe I nvr imagine that the consequence if anyones noticed people capturing.

    After the ends of performance, I help a friend to take a photo using DC at outside of hall,
    they're noticed! Ohhmyg, her actions is quite scared peoples,
    we leave the places after that, should be better go back and delete the photo infront her, I'm so sorry. ):
    I don't know why we leave so fast and the photo's actually was blurry one.

    Ohmyg. Kokping keep saying that I'll be catch by policeman aftermath.
    Somehow I'm afraid to be sent to the police station also, he keep laughing me. Lols. ):

    We've the photo taking section, with our tutor of cause.

    there're many of photos we have taken on today, here is some photo to be updates soon.

    Photo 1: Name starts from left, Kokping, cheekit, Lt and me, mengcong. (:
    How Lt describe for this photo?

    (4 top students, had been invited by MPO conductor's concert at KLCC. !!Wahaha, genius!)
    by LT. So funny, haha!

    Photo 2: This photo took as the title of "all guys". Suggestion from cheekit, Lols. (:
    Amazing by all of us 3 black 3 white! Haha!

    Photo 3: This photo.. ehhh how to describe? ok, Amazing of angles! Lols. (:
    Where the jessica? Haha.

    Photo 4: This photo, all of c1 who attends on today, with the guest, yoyo.
    all of us were together today. (:

    Photo 5: This photo, all of us those who attended for the performance on today. (:
    DAV1, YEAH!

    After that, we went to watch the Singapore's movie,
    Love Matters (幸福万岁)! The movies is quite nice, quite funny at all! :D

    The Love Matters (幸福万岁). It's a singapore's movie. (:
    first time watch Sg's movie in cinema.

    The tickets! (:
    4 person of us there, kokping, Lt, yoyo and myself.

    BBQ with sprout chicken rice rasa from medan selera-food arena. (:

    This ehh the... don't know how to call this. Wahha! (:
    Ordered by Lt.

    Anyway, I like the orchestra!
    The performance was seems like ended by quite quickly.
    was satisfied.
    But the happens make me afraid. ):