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Chong Meng Cong, Male, Single.
Nine-teen, 19,
10 August 1990, Leo.
TAR College, Main Campus at Kuala Lumpur.
Diploma in Mass Communication,
(Advertising Year 2).
My passion, Singing & photography.
Mathematics and Designing.

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Families, relatives, cousins, friends, her,
to be safe and healthy everydays and forever,
lives in perpetual happiness.
Improved all my Skills to be more better.
Accountant, Artist, Designer or Photographer.
Got desirable results for all my exam.
New Clothes, Shirts, Trousers, shorts, Shoes.
My wishlists all became true.
World Peace.


ADIDAS Designed White with Black Sport Shoes.
Gym and Get Fits.
IPOD or MPX or Play Station X.
Krazee Duck T-Shirt-iGYA, Project Elementz.
Learned briefly for Music Instrument.
Learned details for Music Instrument.
Meet Favorite Singer, Angela Zhang.
Meet Favorite Singer, Fish Leong.
Meet Favorite Singer, Wilber Pan.
New Side-Bag (Stussy SS'09).
New Technical Skills.
New Hairstyle, maybe DYED? (light-brown)
NIKE Designed Grey with Blue Sport Shoes.
NIKE Designed White with Black Sport Shoes.
NIKE Dunk SB Low.
NIKON D60 Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera.
Own Acer, Aspire Laptop.
RAM upgraded to 2GB for my ACER Laptop.
RECOIL Polos (Line).
Second Semester got higher CGPS.
SONY Digital Camera.
Sony Ericsson G900i Handphone.
Taller more 10cm.
Third Semester got desirable CGPS.


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  • Sunday, April 19, 2009 @ 7:07 PM

    Supposed to updates lately as I've to start my revision for coming exam,
    sorry guys for this inactive period on blogs,
    the tasks that manythings to share with you of recently events,
    I'll updates soon after my third-sem final-exam. (:

    - 14 April, musical composes and performances (with video).
    - 14 April, Seniors' Advertising Campaign "Ad-Tention(!)" Day 1.
    - 15 April, course-work results released.
    - 15 April, Seniors' Advertising Campaign "Ad-Tention(!)" Day 2.
    - 16 April, Letnan and Samanthas' Birthdays Celebration.

    Okays, See you. (:

    MQA Interview.

    Saturday, April 11, 2009 @ 12:18 PM

    As I mentioned in previous post that have a MQA Interview section in TARC on Wed.
    Yeea, I've going to attend this Interview from 2pm to 4pm enough 2 hours!
    But at the end only picked up randomly the 2 person out of 15 persons from DAV1.
    Anyway so luckily I'm not the one who got to interview officially! HAHA! :D

    During the 2 hours, we stay at class and do nothing, only chitchatting with friends.
    we same class with our seniors and saw them having fun by watching movie!
    at least, the organizations are provided us with a bread, curry puff and drinks for everyone.
    It's nice and the worth we got something to fill up our stomach. haha. (:

    before this, got 2 discussion regarding for this MQA Interview,
    somemore kenna blame. ):

    Discussion 1; Importance or Not Importance?

    When we get to know about we have been selected to attend this MQA interview,
    many of peoples think of this MQA like actually was not so that important,
    even some of them are going ignore this Interview as they actually don't know what about this.
    By the way I kept told them this's quite important, but nobody came to believe me.

    For all people who are chosen for the MQA that was mentioned during MMS by Miss,
    you MUST, even if you're dead (Supervisor, Miss Serene VERY Angry
    because this is very important for our college Certificates to stay Recognised),
    attend the interview. It's WED, 8/4/2009. 1.30p.m SHARP, V204. Thanks =) By John.

    3 persons attended the briefing, 1 person attend the meeting, a few people only.
    until our course rep speak up only got people take attention for this, somehow felt so disappointed!
    By the way, lecturer and tutor also mentioned that it's very very important,
    even all the lecture or tutorial class were cancelled as time regarding to the MQA Interview.

    At the end by all announcement, got a FULL attendance! Wow~!

    Discussion 2; Wear Formal or not?

    I inform many of my friends that this interview have to wear formal during morning,
    but maybe too late, many of them already going school for morning class.
    at the end only 4 persons of us were wear full formal for attends this interview and other was normal,
    by the way many of them coming blame me why never tell them early! Feels sad. ):

    I know they are kidding only. And then, when finished the MQA interview,
    the 3 persons blame me agian for why ask them wear formal. ): x2!

    [Photo Soon.]

    The Shocking News was...

    Tuesday, April 7, 2009 @ 10:19 AM

    for Diploma in Mass Communication (Advertising) at KL main campus. (:

    The shocking news on yesterday was ...
    a dream last night!
    and what I dreamed about was just an April Fool's Post.
    Don't kill me if you saw this, please!

    Study and works at Singapore is what I always hopes.
    But I will study for second year first. (:


    To Jess: Yahh. Have a good chance if it's reality for me.
    We must study hard and prepare well before the good chances coming. (:
    6 Apr 09, 06:00
    Jess: It's a good chance actually. Anywhere depence your choice ^^

    To Huayching: Anyway, Thanks! :D
    6 Apr 09, 07:21
    Huayching: Come sg study! we support you :D

    To karchun: Yahhlorr, study at Singapore is good!
    Whats? You don't mind where I going? Sad larhh you said like that! ):
    6 Apr 09, 10:25
    karchun: study at spore gud ma...i dun mind u b another 2 5 zai...
    btw i oso i could survive till yr2 oso...

    To Sheline: Friends, thanks for yours all support. (:
    I will be feels so sad and upset also if leave you all from KL!
    7 Apr 09, 02:58
    sheline: sad...y wan go sg study...but i know tat is a good chance to u..depend ur choice ba...
    we will always support u whenever wat choice u make...we will so sad...

    To June: Last year first sem?! You sure bohh? Your "GUAR~" is means not that sure! Lols!
    I didn't say anything lehhh! maybe I forgot. HAHA!
    7 Apr 09, 06:00
    June: ahaa...when ar"erm...last year...l1st sem that time guar~that's how u tell me who you are~
    haa~nvm~things could change,new experiences~who knows?is a good thing~

    To CheeLek: I'm shocked to saw your tagg here lorhh, always no comment! HAHA! Kidding~
    thanks for you preciously talks. Yahh, decisions is made by ourself. (:
    7 Apr 09, 20:58
    CheeLek: dissicions is made by urself,u does'nt nid to bother who are critic u,think of future..
    hope u willl nt so sad..

    To kC: YAH. It's a good try and good for future. Thanks for your preciously comments also. (:
    I hope have a best of luck in Singapore in future! (:
    I'll be so sad also if leaving kl. Especially all of good friends! ):
    7 Apr 09, 21:22
    kC: meng cong, so surprise to see that. @_@ but since u have decided,
    just go ahead for the sake of ur better future. wish u all the best of luck in singapore k.
    so sad that u r leaving kl. ~.~

    To Des: Desmond! YAHH. By the way time are passing by so quickly,
    our course syllabus are now one year left already, we all must treasure for our time here. ):
    Hope all of us have a good future as well as at oversea! (:
    8 Apr 09, 00:33
    Des: Meng Cong! I was really sad to hear that u wanna leave us...
    but at the same time, I felt happy for u cuz u found such a great offer to study oversea...
    its up2u, so make ur decision wisely! =)

    To Sayli: YAH! You know. I hope can study at Singapore you know during last year. ala~? lols.
    See you got visit my blog or not boh mahh. HA. All the best! & Good luck for your SPM!
    8 Apr 09, 05:15
    Sayli: so shocked!! confirmed edy??? ala~y u din tell me de...btw..all the best!

    Treasure our time now. (:

    Shocking News.

    Monday, April 6, 2009 @ 5:17 AM

    Ohhmyyyg, I got a very shocking news again from visit the website.
    Have been successful from application for the Joint Polytechnic Admission Exercise (JPAE).
    I don't know it's a great news or a sad news for me,
    Approved by the choice 2, Banking and Financial Service at Ngee Ann Poly.

    That's what I apply on last month with my cousin via online,
    I remembered that last year I was felt upset for my application for JPAE was unsuccessfully.
    and this year was successfully, It's a good news? Feelings is totally different.
    Study at Ngee Ann Poly is what I expected on last year as I can schools with my cousin.

    "Overall was really complicated!
    After I knew this."

    By the ways my parents are glad to heard this news and very support me for study in Singapore.
    Especially for the business course that what they always hope.
    If everything is agree, I'll go on this coming Jun/July and start the poly life at Singapore.
    My cousin came & told me that they received my letter, ask me agree or not if yes have to pay fees.

    I really don't know how to make this decision at all,
    But I've the majority to go Singapore for study business course since my parent was strongly agree,
    Feels upset and can't believe suddenly got to know everything is change by so different so far,
    From college life to poly life. Tarc, I'll really miss all my friends here! Friendship Forever.

    I don't know what to do by now,
    Anyway, I'll always enjoy the time at TARC with friends.

    Try to don't mention anything about this to me,
    as I've to study as usual.

    @ 2:45 AM

    Tagg Replied;
    Duration: From 22 March 2009 to 05 April 2009. Sorry for late reply.

    To Jessica Pan: HAHA! Anyways thank for your first comment. (:

    by: 22 Mar 09, 19:49
    wao wao wao ... I like ur picture 4.It was so cool and look "yeah"!lolz

    To Pey: Heyys. Ahpey you know, this is to 体验不同人生经验. HAHA. :D
    I'm not so zl as this is also a type of photography. (:
    by the way you also the same mah! HAHA. Enjoys your ketam's trip.

    by: 22 Mar 09, 19:52

    To ChiNcHiN: Self-taken. HAHA! Thank for your comment. (:

    by: 23 Mar 09, 06:44
    ur self-taken photos so nice huh. ^o^

    To Des: Sexy me? LOLs. HAHA! You so funny! Thank for your comment. (:

    by: 24 Mar 09, 02:42
    omg! sexy Meng Cong! haha!

    To June: I was so Ohmygod also, haha. Waliao, self admiring coming.
    When I told you about? HAHA.
    You know, yeea. This is one of the experience of life. Lols!
    Anyways thank for your feedback. :P

    by: 25 Mar 09, 06:23
    I was like...OH..My're self admiring~which lst time u told me you're not~haaaaaaa~got cha~

    To karchun: Ehhhh. I more like this color, different people got different ideas on views. Yah. (:

    by: 26 Mar 09, 14:43
    woi...tht shades nt suits u ler...mayb light brown/grey/greenish suits u =)

    To HuayChing: YOYO! Cousin yeaa. HAHA!
    Yeeahh! Glad to knew you all got coming. See you all soon. (:
    This year is quite different lehhh!

    by: 26 Mar 09, 22:18
    YO! cousin.. You never any top? Hot urh! ahhaha! cya soon.

    To Des: ZAODAO siia! HAHA. I also think how it's so lame can what we had done! HAHA. (:
    At least we got to know where there are and what where have! Lols! Right?

    by: 1 Apr 09, 03:06
    za dao~! u all really go climb there... lol! lame~ haha

    To mEn_m3n: Really?! HAHA. Now we got the same idea! Lols!
    Yahh, many nyamuk but we 坚持 keep on! Why so 半途而废? HAHA! :D

    by: 1 Apr 09, 06:40
    lolzzz~~~ actually me n fren also got climb dat "bukit tarc".... early in d mornin,
    2 many nyamuk... went down~~~ NOW I NOE!!!! xD

    To mEn_m3n: Lols! congrat for reached target? HAHA. :D
    Yahh, so many mosquitoes!

    by: 1 Apr 09, 06:41
    congrats 2 u guyz... 2 go thru lots n lots n lots of mosquitoes!!!!!! *bow* *salute*

    To Huaysze: Yahhh, next time then told you.
    Last time you said me addicted in Blackshot, but I'm not so. Know you know it. Lols! HAHA!

    by: 3 Apr 09, 07:11
    4cang really seh buey when yout turn?Ohmygod! And i wan play black shot!!

    To karchun: What larhhh! L4D is nice, but I prefer blackshot. HAHA!

    by: 4 Apr 09, 17:06
    na o0o, blackshot sucks dude...still left4dead better alot more...

    To Huayching: Blackshot! Yeahhh! HAHA. :D

    by: 4 Apr 09, 23:10
    Cousin! i also prefer bs thn l4d. ahahha! :D

    To ^shufen^: Hellos. Shufen, Advance diploma? I'm not advance diploma in advertising leiis.
    I don't know the list who recently did industrial training and what about it.
    Sorry for I can't help you anything. So, no need to thank me. Anyways, Welcome! :D

    by: 4 Apr 09, 23:19
    hi there, i'm not a student of tarc but i plan to take adv diploma in advertising in tarc.
    i just want to ask do you have a list of adv diploma advertising student who just recently did industrial training?
    i just want to see which company normally will hire tarc student for industrial training
    if you have please send to me at
    thank you very much

    To XuEtiNg: HAHA! And, I'm shocked you got a blog!

    by: 5 Apr 09, 04:33

    To Des: Thank for be patience to wait the photo updates. And now are updated. (:

    by: 5 Apr 09, 05:29
    cant wait for ur new updates and photos!^^

    Joined Facebook.

    Sunday, April 5, 2009 @ 12:21 AM


    "Mengcong are available at facebook now. :D
    Everything's still BLUR. HAHA."

    Search: Chong Meng Cong
    I don't know why there got a same name account with me.

    . --

    Latest Updatings. :D

    KimJong and YipHons' Birthdays Celebration;
    Photos are Updated now. :D

    Check it out now,
    Distributed at 30 March 2009. (:

    Importance Announcement.

    Saturday, April 4, 2009 @ 8:04 AM

    Announcement for whom,
    have been selected to attend the MQA Interview;

    Cheah Chee Kit, Chia Kai Wen, Chong Meng Cong, Gan Chee Hong, Hor Sheau Pey, Lee Woon Long, Liaw Shu Wen, Low Kwai Mien, Loy Kim Jong, Mujahid, Ong Yee Kar, Tham Yip Hon, Wong Tien Fung, Wong Yan Hou and Yong Chee Neng.

    Today's the day of MQA Interview Briefing,

    Only 3 person of DAV1 attended and had made our program supervisor very worries about it.
    She said that, this MQA Interview is very importance,
    especially the 15 students whom been selected.
    and mention that 8 April 2009, WEDNESDAY is compulsory attendance.
    Hope you guys take notes:

    Ask for people to get the paper the topic of "MQA Questions to Students".
    Preparing for your own answer and for Interview purpose.

    Program Supervisor want to see us, have a very important meeting on:
    6 April 2009, MONDAY. At 11a.m. Block V108.

    MQA Interview (Actual Interview). Compulsory attendance.
    8 April 2009, WEDNESDAY. From 2p.m. to 4p.m. at Block V204.

    What our supervisor said after the briefing.
    for MQA Interview.

    TV Programme Live?

    Friday, April 3, 2009 @ 8:14 PM

    Actually I've an opportunity to go the Studio on this coming Saturday!
    and attending to be an audience of the Singapore's Live television program by Mediacorp.
    It's about a tv programme from Singapore and host by Jack Neo.
    Anyway at the end was MISSED already ehh! How a disappointment agian? Lols.

    Jack Neo is famous right? His movie especially the money not enough and I'm not stupid,
    Is a famous film-maker from singapore and currently by the Love Matter.
    Can't attend for this live tv programme as I've to attend a MQA Interview briefing on tomorrow.
    Ok, I felt upset for I kept asking my friends attend briefing but no one is accompany.

    Today has exposed to the two such a horrible activities!
    First, playing the left 4 dead online games with friends, that which introduce by esther and karchun.
    I plays the games with them and also involved cheelek, cheekit, churki and kimjong. :D
    This game is nice, enough horrible, but I more prefer Blackshot! HAHA.

    I went to Times Square with friends after the class to go catching movie! (:
    with Lt, kokping and Samantha. :D

    Yahh! The second one, watching a horrible movie, The Knowing! Anyway this movies is quite nice!
    My housemates introduce me another horrible movie, "My Bloodly Valentine 3D". Ops~!

    About the MQA Interview Briefing, I'll probably go alone. It's ok, not the problem.
    Anyway, Hope it's not regrettable decision.

    April's Fool.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 @ 6:20 PM

    Let's play a prank on friends. HAHA. Ohhmyg please don't came and trick me thanks!

    Malaysians Qualification Agency (MQA)

    During the lecture, our lecturer called out a list of students and go infront,
    I shocked, there are included my name just at the second first,
    somehow I thought my midterm test for MMS was failed, and miss call us reseat!
    Anywway luckily is NOT what I think for!

    Is about, Malaysians Qualification Agency (MQA) Interview.
    15 DAV1 Students have been selected to attend the MQA Interview on next Wednesday!
    I'm shocked because I'm one of the 15 students.
    What's about the interview? Ohmg, we have to attend for briefing on this Saturday!

    Ehhh, actually I've intends to back hometown on this week,
    as I've to go and pray for Qing Ming Festival to my grandfather and grandmother (mother-side one),
    yup. Furthermore, I end of class this friday on 2pm!
    so can back early, but lastly has cancelled to back as I've to attend for that briefing! ):

    Second Semester CGPA & GPA.

    Today we just got to know our Second Semester CGPA (GPA) after the end of class!
    So worry can but at the end my class rep sam opening my letter to see! Lols!
    First semester, I got 3.19 and this the last semester (second sem) I got 3.42. Get higher than first sem,
    Glad to know got improvement. A wish from my wishlists had came true on today. :D

    April's Fool Day.

    As what today means, I go and tricking my friends who didn't came lecture,
    as they didn't came school yet while stay at home,
    me and class rep, samantha had made a prank on them about a replacement by this April fool day,
    in order to ask them came school as early as possible for a 3pm class replacement.

    "The class 4-6pm move to 3-5pm.
    In order to ask them came early as fast as possible."

    How came I've been kenna tricked back by Churki at the end!
    He so pro to make the situation,
    I asked him why still haven't came to class yet by 3pm, and ask him came to school faster.
    and then he reply me why and ask me got class meh then going blame class rep.

    He said actually on the way coming school for 4pm class but the replacement so early he can't came.
    told me that if he came also very late already so return back to home!
    I get this shocking message & so worry! I feel regret the result like that & make him came late.
    And then I call him must came to class, he said 5pm something only reach school! omg.

    How know when I go to the class, he arrived by early than me!
    What larh! kenna tricked back! Lols!
    Anyway wish all of you have a Happy April's Fool Day! :D